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Landmann Wildlife Big Sky Fire Pit, Georgia Clay


The Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit has a variety of different safety features and makes a stylish addition to your backyard. The device keeps sparks confined to the pit and away from newspapers, wood and other flammable objects around it. The Georgia Clay Landmann fire pit includes a safety ring and handle that protects your hands from being burnt and makes carrying the pit easy. With the purchase of this fire bowl, you also receive a spark screen, poker and full-size enamel cooking area. It’s easy to cook hot dogs, hamburgers and other campsite food using the Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit’s grilling surface. Another excellent feature of the item is that it allows for 360 degree fire viewing. This wildlife portable fire pit has cutouts of your favorite animals adding a decorative glow and camp-side ambiance to the bowl. The animals are lit up as the flame’s light pushes through the open shapes.

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<b>Landmann 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit</b>:<br><ul><li>23.5" Steel Fire Bowl</li><li>Safety Ring/handle for easy transport</li><li>Spark screen and poker</li><li>Full size enamel cooking</li><li>Wildlife portable fire pit has animal cutouts</li><li>360 Degree fire viewing</li><li>Color: Georgia Clay</li><li>Can be used as a portable grill</li><li>Dimensions: 26.5" x 26.5" x 23"</li><li>Weight: 32 lbs</li><li>This item is durable</li><li>Model: 28337</li></ul>


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